We started Adams & Co. in our garage back in 2003—exactly one year before Facebook came along. We’ve seen plenty of changes over the years, and we are living in unprecedented times with what social media can do for small business.

Today, Instagram has the top spot and is a marketing marvel. I’ve seen it level the playing field for small local retailers, and I’m eager to share what I have learned. I love passing along game-changing Instagram strategies and digital marketing tactics, things we’ve studied and learned along the way. If you’re curious, be sure to subscribe to my blog, catch my regular column in Gifts & Dec Magazine, and follow me on Instagram and YouTube.

Beyond digital marketing, I’m passionate about health—Dev would tell you it’s more like “extreme health.” I’m a sucker for the latest findings on how nutrition impacts our well-being. And I’m willing to try just about anything. (My latest obsession is intermittent fasting—have you tried it?!)

I also love travel and spending time with our family. They’re amazing people. My favorite on the planet. And then there’s the incredible “Adams & Co. family” we’ve made over the years, from our staff to the retailers we work with across the country. You’re all a big part of our lives. So welcome to my blog, where I’ll share everything I’m learning … and please comment and share back. We’re all on this journey together, so let’s make it awesome.