Echo, Echo, Echo

You know when you were a kid, heading into a tunnel or hiking a narrow canyon, and you couldn’t resist? You found yourself shouting, “Echo!” just to hear that satisfying reverberation, carrying your voice far into the distance?

You can take that same idea and apply it to your social media. By creating a digital marketing “echo,” you can carry your company’s message even farther. As you find ways to reinforce your messaging using different social tools, your brand can reverberate, engaging even further with your audience.

Turn Up the Volume on Instagram

On Instagram, in addition to photo posts, you can share your message in different ways. Say, for example, you have some fall décor ideas you know your followers will love.

For your Instagram Story, shoot a short video giving tips on how to bring the look together. Use Story tools to add a sticker or two to add visual interest. Be sure to add a caption with your page’s handle so followers can head to your page.

Then on your page, post a beauty shot of the display and make it shoppable so followers can impulse buy right then and there.

Now with just one idea, you’ve turned up your digital marketing volume. With the Story, you’ve shared your brand’s personality in a genuine vlog-style marketing way. You’ve also provided fun tips your followers can use in their own lives.

In your related post, you’ve shared an eye-catching photo of your products (again reinforcing your brand). By making it shoppable, you’ve paved the way to directly impact your sales revenue and made it easy for followers to become customers. (For tips on making posts shoppable, download my guide.)

Create shoppable posts

Leverage the same images to create Instagram Stories

Echoing on Other Social Platforms

Now what about extending that echo across other social platforms?

Consider LinkedIn. Its professional audience might just be a good way to expand your customer base. You can customize your message for this group with a post that shows some of those same products sprucing up a #WFH home office (with so many more people working from home these days,it’s a timely message).

And then there’s the new kid on the block: TikTok.

The platform bills itself as a place for short-form mobile video. It has initially attracted a younger audience, but it is gaining traction with a broader cross-section, and early adopter businesses are taking notice.

Many are predicting now is the time to get a foothold on the platform, so you’re ready when TikTok blows up just like Facebook and Instagram did.

TikTok is a more laidback environment, where you could post something like a quick video panning across that same look for fall, then add some music and a caption. Now you’re connecting with even more people on yet another social platform.

Bonus: TikTok makes it easy to cross-promote what you do on its platform with Instagram, and Instagram does the same thing with Facebook. Can I get an “echo!”

At Adams & Co., we’re just beginning to build a presence on TikTok. Devanie, my wife and business partner, launched her page at the same time.

Devanie drops short videos of décor she’s just put together at our house, or a front porch makeover she’s done for the season, or even of a hike we just took. Again, here’s where vlog-style marketing comes into play, authentically sharing what makes your brand you.

We have so many social tools available; make sure you are sharing your company’s voice in as many ways possible.

This kind of digital marketing can be really fun. Just get creative, be consistent, test different ideas, and get your message out there.

Article originally published in DJ’s Insta Tips column, Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine, August 2020. Some updates have been made since first published.